PITTSGROVE: Pittsgrove receives $2.21 million from state Department of Education

July 17, 2009

PITTSGROVE - The Pittsgrove Board of Education last week accepted the letter of eligibility for the Pittsgrove Middle School from the state Department of Education, according to a news release.

It was the third offer of aid relative to district-wide school construction, the release said. Final acceptance of the grants and debt service aid is contingent upon voter approval in a referendum scheduled on Sept. 29.

The state Department of Education has offered $2.1 million toward the work totaling an estimated $3.8
million at Olivet Elementary, Pittsgrove Middle and Schalick High schools, the release said.

Suzanne Fox, business administrator, said the local share of the project is estimated to be $1.7 million or about 42 percent of the total project cost.

Robert Garrison of Garrison Architect in Mt. Laurel, hands a
facsimile check for $2.21 million to Dr. Fiore Copare, President of the Pittsgrove Township Board of Education and Suzanne Fox Business Administrator. The $2.1 million represents a grant awarded to the district for school facilities improvements if voters approve a referendum in September.

The money will be used for significant security upgrades at all three schools, including access card systems, additional video cameras and a new monitoring system to provide better safety and protection for the students, the release said.

Additionally, the middle school will get its parking lot repaved and Olivet School, here most of the improvements are planned, will have its bathrooms renovated for accessibility to meet Americans with Disabilities compliance, window and door replacement in selected spaces for energy efficiency gains, and total replacement and upgrade of the heating and ventilating system, the release said.

Fiore J. Copare, president of the school board said the district will also use the money to provide airconditioning at the Olivet School.

Fox said the increase in property taxes due to this construction program will be less than $1 per month for the average home owner in Pittsgrove Township, or less than 3 cents a day.

For more information, click on the "Referendum" link at http://www.pittsgrove.org.


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