Architect helps BOE plan future
June 21, 2005
By JAIME MARINE For the Bridgeton News

MILLVILLE -- As the school board begins the process of creating the state-mandated Long Range Facilities Plan, they understand that future growth in the area will play a large part in how this report will come together and just what will need to be done to the district's facilities over the five-year life span of this outline. "We want to make sure we have laid the foundation for what we need," Board Member Kelli Nedohon said, adding that the proposed changes to the city's demographics are going to be at least 30 percent of the plan. "We have to be ready for growth."

The purpose of the Long Range Facilities Plan is to address issues such as the growing population, school programs, design issues and changes to the community that will affect the schools. It also acts as a basis for funding from the state.
"We want to hold on to the Abbott money," she said.

While the district can make modifications to this plan, Nedohon said it is important to get it right the first time because it cannot be changed substantially once it is submitted to the state in October. Since the creation of this plan is such an involved process, the board voted Monday to enter into a professional services contract with Garrison Architects of Mount Laurel. Garrison will help the district prepare the plan over the next few months.

The board opted to go with the firm, she said, because they were good at what they did and they did their homework (in reference to the district and its projected needs).

Nedohon said with growth and the city's demographics being such a large portion of this plan, both the city and the school board have been working together and sharing information about what is going on.

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