Little Egg Harbor improvements voted in
April 16, 2008

LITTLE EGG HARBOR Voters passed both the tax levy for the budget and the nearly $8 million referendum for school improvements in the two elementary schools in the school election.

The tax levy in support of the budget passed 1,653 to 1,437, out of a total of 3,090 votes.

The referendum passed 1,404 to 1,221, a total of 2,624 votes.

"It was great," Superintendent of Schools Frank Kasyan said Tuesday night when the vote was in. "As you can see, we won by a great majority for both questions. It just demonstrates what a group of concerned citizens can do by coming together."

The $7,995,470 referendum will pay for an addition with 14 permanent classrooms, a science lab and an office and HVAC improvements at the George J. Mitchell School. The 11 relocatable classrooms will be replaced by the addition but first the district will go through the planning and bidding process. The referendum also will fund a stage at the Little Egg Harbor Intermediate School and other improvements. Design is by Garrison Architects of Mt. Laurel.

The same referendum had been defeated in March. "The difference was everybody working together," Kasyan said. "You talk about it takes a village to raise a child. It just shows you evidence of that with all the different people parents working with educators in conjunction with the staff, staff working with the administration.

"The last referendum had eight people on the committee, and this time there were 83 members on the committee," Kasyan said.

The tax levy of $9,731,177 in support of the budget does not increase the tax rate this year, but there is a slight tax increase due to a 2006 referendum for renovations and improvements of the district's schools. The amount of the tax rate is $0.3301 per $100 assessment. The difference, because of the 2006 referendum, is $0.013, which equates to approximately a $13 annual increase per $100 of assessment.


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