Voters to weigh in on Kingsway Regional School District expansions

Tuesday, August 24, 2010
By Rebecca Forand

WOOLWICH TWP. The Kingsway Regional School District will send a bond referendum to the voters Dec. 14 to determine if it can move forward on the proposed expansions to the middle and high schools.

The district has plans to increase the size of both of its buildings to accommodate the growing population. Both schools currently house about 2,300 students and a recent demographic study estimates enrollment to reach 1,124 in the middle school and 2,041 in the high school by 2014.

"We have a growth issue at Kingsway that has to be addressed and we're going to move it on as expeditiously as possible," said Kingsway's Board of Education President Mark Kehoe recently. "The first step is to get the project approved by the voters."

The construction projects include the addition of more than a dozen classrooms at each school as well as to the cafeteria, gym and offices.

The work will cost approximately $31.1 million, $8.6 million of which will be covered by a grant recently received from the state.

The board is waiting for input from new superintendent James Lavender before determining the course of action regarding campaigning for the referendum. Lavender, who is replacing the recently retired Ave Altersitz, will take office Sept. 1.

"We are waiting for Dr. Lavender to come on board Sept. 1 to begin our effort to educate and promote the scope of the project as we head toward the Dec. 14 vote," Kehoe said. "I'm sure we'll have information sessions and work out what will be the best approach but to do that before he comes on board doesn't make sense at this point."


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