Kingsway Schools named Energy Stars for conservation

Published: Sunday, April 01, 2012, 9:00 AM
Gloucester County Times

WOOLWICH TWP -Nearly three years after the Kingsway Regional School District began its energy conservation program, it has been named an Energy Star Leader Top Performer District and its savings are about to hit $1 million.

In 2009, Kingsway started a program that attempted to simply change basic behaviors of its employees, administration and students from turning off lights in the classroom when no one is in the room to shutting down computers and turning down the heat in the evenings.

“This is a fantastic conservation program,” said Superintendent Jim Lavender. “We’re preserving the environment and cutting energy consumption.” And Kingsway is also saving money.

The amount saved from the changes is expected to reach $1 million in early April and top $3 million within 10 years of the project’s start.

The top 25 percent of energy conserving school districts nationwide are awarded with the federal government’s Energy Star program. Kingsway’s Middle School received one such ward in 2010 and the entire district was named this year.

“It happens because of the commitment of all the folks here at Kingsway,” Lavender said. The middle and high school district has also used its energy conservation project as a chance to teach its students about the impact they have on the environment and what can be done to curb that impact.

It’s Going Green section of the district’s website highlights all of the efforts Kingsway is making in conservation, from energy conservation to an upcoming solar energy project and the usage of a rock composter which it intends to install in the coming year.

“We’re teaching our children — and we’re all learning — what our impact on the environment and our carbon footprint is,” Lavender said. “It’s not only benefiting our school and community, it’s benefiting the whole community. We’re seeing real results.

”Currently the energy conservation program has been estimated to be equal to taking 545 cars of the road or planting $77,705 trees.


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