Freeholder Director Kate Gibbs Announces School Districts Awarded $5.4 Million for Security

Burlington County Times October 24, 2018

Burlington County - Freeholder Director Kate Gibbs today announced that the county’sgroundbreaking initiative to enhance the safety and security of all twenty-one public high schools continues to quickly progress, as the Freeholder Board voted unanimously this evening to award $5.4 million ingrants to the Florence, Maple Shade, Rancocas Valley Regional, Riverside, and Willingboro School Districts, where Garrison Architects is Architect for all five Districts.

The county’s innovative program, launched only four short months ago, has now provided grant funding to six school districts.

“I am pleased that nearly one-third of our public high schools in Burlington County have now been approved for grant funding to enhance the safety and security of their buildings,” said Freeholder Director Gibbs. “With each vote and grant that’s awarded, we are continuing to deliver on the commitment I made earlier this year when the program was announced. Once again, I encourage every other school district to submittheir applications expeditiously so we can provide security measures tobetter protect all of our students, teachers, and staff members, and help deliver local property tax relief for our residents.”

In June, Freeholder Director Gibbs introduced the county’s $20 million grant program during a press conference at the Rancocas Valley Regional High School in Mount Holly. The voluntary program requires each participating school district to make grant applications to the county and agree to a security evaluation by a highly-qualified architectural firm.

Before the end of the summer, all twenty-one public high schools agreed to participate in the program and had their evaluations completed for possible safety and security upgrades. The architectural firm’s written reports and county grant application paperwork were received by every school at the same time in September. Schools may apply for some or all of the security recommendations.

The Pemberton Township School District was the first district to submit a proposal for grant funding, and subsequently was approved for the county’s initial grant two weeks ago.



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