District Hopes Project Gets Aid

Monday, July 28, 2010
By Rebeca Forand

EAST GREENWICH TWP. School officials are still waiting to hear from the state for a possible $18 million bond referendum that could help finance renovations to the township's two elementary schools.

The proposal is to expand both the Jeffrey Clark and the Samuel Mickle schools to house new students who will be entering the new district within the next five years.

"This is based on a five-year projection," said Valerie Carmody, the district's business administrator. "We have plans for additions to both buildings."

The district has sent its proposals, by Garrison Architects of Marlton, to the state level and is awaiting Trenton's decision before taking the next step in the process. Although the district had hoped to hear a decision in April, Carmody said the state has a lot to look over before it can decide if any grants will be awarded.

"With all the things they're exploring or investigating they're just not committing to anything at this point," she said. "We continue to wait eagerly and patiently."

Once the state decides if it will fund part of the project, which, if approved, is expected to be approximately 40 percent of the total cost, the township will decide how much to proposition from the taxpayers in the form of bond referendums.

If the state rejects the proposal, the district still has the opportunity to request the full amount from bonds.

"We need to know the state's share first," Carmody said. "We'll have to decide if we want to go for a full referendum of bonds, but that's a much more vulnerable amount of money."

The expansions will include additional administrative offices at the Jeffrey Clark School and an expansion of the gymnasium and cafeteria at the Samuel Mickle School, as well as additional classrooms in both buildings.


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