Collingswood School opens media center
Article published September 7, 2008
By LAVINIA DeCASTRO, Courier-Post Staff

Residents, elected officials, students and staff gathered at Collingswood High School on Saturday morning to celebrate the opening of the school's new media center.

"From the moment we opened the media center, we immediately saw a surge in the number of students using it," Collingswood School District Superintendent Scott Oswald said.

Collingswood High School's new media center has music rooms and a television production studio.

"The media center is now one of the busiest areas of the school."

The new media center connects the adjacent high school and middle school buildings.

In addition to books, the 10,800-square-foot center houses music rooms, classrooms and a television production studio.

Before the center was built, the high school and middle school had their own libraries. Each was a former classroom and the libraries occupied a combined 3,600 square feet.

The high school's old library was converted into a science lab and the middle school's library was turned back into a classroom, Oswald said. Construction of the media center was the final phase of a districtwide project that began in 2006 and was funded by a $20.1 million bond referendum and $13.7 million in state funds.

The work began at Collingswood's five elementary schools.

"The elementary schools were pretty much done last year," Oswald said.

Each school got a new heating and ventilation system, electrical upgrades and air conditioning.

An elevator and wheelchair lift were also installed at Newbie, which is now one of two handicap-accessible schools in Collingswood, along with Zane North.

In addition to the media center, all of the high school's seven science labs were upgraded and new equipment was installed in the gym's weight room.


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