Collingswood & Haddon Heights Schools Approve Referendums
March 9, 2005
By NJ School Boards Association


TRENTON, March 9, 2005-Voters approved school-construction questions in 10 of the 12 school districts holding referendums on Tuesday, the New Jersey School Boards Association reported today. The approved spending totaled $204 million.

More than $67 million of Tuesday's construction will be funded through the Educational Facilities Construction and Financing Act. Passed in 2000, the act provides $8.6 billion of state funds for school construction-$6 billion for the special needs, or Abbott districts, with the remainder funding at least 40% of state-determined eligible costs in all other districts.

Amoung those approved were additions and renovations, by Garrison Architects, in Collingswood and Haddon Heights in Camden County.

Additions and renovations to Collingswood High and Collingswood Middle schools; renovations to five elementary schools.
$33,858,358 - total cost
$13,681,572 - state grant
$20,176,786 - local bonds

Haddon Heights-Passed
Additions and renovations to the Haddon Heights Junior/Senior High School, Atlantic Avenue School, Glenview Avenue School and Seventh Avenue School
$20,970,377 - total cost
$7,401,070 - state grant
$13,569,307 - local bonds

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